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We help all kinds of companies enhance their digital services - from early stage startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Selected References

Telekom OneApp


One App is the new self-care mobile application for all European Telekom customers across 25 countries. Customers can check their usage statistics, pay bills, recharge prepaid cards, and manage services.


Backend & Admin

Shapr3D is a professional CAD software for iPad, designed for use with the Apple Pencil. We created a mobile backend and administration tool, deployed on top of a highly available clustered Kubernetes environment.

iPon Ecommerce


We helped iPon create their new cutting-edge website by building more than 60 responsive web pages, supporting 5 different screen sizes, ranging from mobile phones to 4K TVs.

Software We Create

We create high quality digital products. We build web solutions, mobile apps and backend systems.

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Web Solutions

We create custom web solutions that are used by millions. Our offerings include online event organization with live streaming, booking systems, custom digital shops, eye-catching campaign pages for enterprises, web tools for auditors, content management systems, back office automation, and more.

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Mobile Apps

Sometimes a web app is not enough, and device-related features are necessary (like location services), or user engagement should be increased with push notifications and an easier payment flow. In these cases, we build mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring the best user experience.

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Backend Systems

With decades of enterprise experience, we perform system integrations, architect, and build highly scalable monolith or microservice solutions. We are also specialists in the fusion of mobile development and enterprise systems, having helped several mobile dev teams with middleware that hides the complexity of backend systems and provides a simple and fast API for the mobile app.


Our Methodology

With the help of our UX/UI design partners, we cover all the steps needed to turn your idea into a high-quality digital product from scratch.


Research & Strategy

We explore your market, collect insights, conduct interviews with potential users of the product, and create a strategy to acquire them before starting the UX/UI design.


UX & UI Design

We create wireframes and the final screen designs. We always test them with potential users and refine the results through multiple iterations before starting the development.


Architecture & Development

We plan the highly scalable architecture and begin development. Every two weeks, you receive a working and tested version to try, which we refine based on your input.


Launch & Maintenence

Once the targeted version is ready, we make the website live or submit the apps to the App Store and Google Play. We monitor and maintain the product afterward.

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Team as a

You provide your vision and your industry domain knowledge, and we supply a full-stack team of researchers, UX/UI designers, technical experts, developers, DevOps specialists, and QAs. We continuously enhance the product by listening to user feedback, aiming for success.

Who We Are

We are a 34-person development team that focuses on user experience.

Tamás Fitos
CEO / Tech lead
Milán Farkas
CTO / Architect
Zoltán Szépe
COO / Tech lead
Péter Avarkeszi
Team Lead / Tech PM
Péter Habetler
Team Lead / Lead Dev
János Hrubos
Team Lead / Lead Dev
Ildikó Fitos
Office Manager
Szabolcs Hudák
QA Lead
András Bodor
Ágnes Rozgonyi
Edina Bogdándi
Endre Berta
Gergely Király
Lajos Déri
László Juhász
László Major
László Winkler
Lóránt Madarász
Nándor Négyesi
Nikoletta Teller
Péter Bagita
Roland Fórián
Szilárd Farkas
Zsolt Papp

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